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The worst happened when Angelica went down the slide, another kid who didn't like Angelica saw her diaper. He went around telling all of the kids that Angelica was wearing a diaper. A couple minutes later a girl walked up to Angelica and asked how old she was. Angelica said I'm three years old, why? Well I just wanted to know why you were wearing a diaper. How do you know I'm wearing a diaper, Angelica asked the girl. Well either you pooped in your underwear, or in a diaper but we can all smell the poop. Your skirt is also a little short, and we all saw your diaper when you went down the slide. Angelica started crying, and to make matters worse she started to poop and pee in her diaper right in front of the girl. The girl started to laugh and ran to tell the other kids about what she just saw. Angelica's dad having seen the whole thing came and picked her up, and brought her to the bathroom to be changed. I'm sorry that had to happen to you sweety, but I tried to change your diaper earlier. Can we just go home now, Angelica asked. No we're going to go and get you registered for pre-school. No, I don't want to go to school in a diaper, well I'm sorry honey but I have to work. So starting Monday you will be going to pre-school, that gives you one more day without school. So they left the park and got into the car and went to the pre-school. Angelica was so nervous that when they got inside she pooped and peed in her diaper right in front of everyone. A minute later one of the teachers brought Angelica over to a changing table, and changed her diaper right there in front of everyone. Once she was cleaned up Angelica ran to her daddy, and asked him if it was time to go yet. He said not yet sweety I have to fill out some paperwork, so why don't you go over there and play with the other kids. Angelica did as she was told, but she didn't get that close to the other kids because she was wetting her diaper again. The teacher started to ask the dad some questions. So how old is Angelica? He replied she's three years old. Does she have to wear diapers all the time? He replied yes she does. If you don't mind me asking, why is she not potty trained yet? He replied well she started out good, but then she started to have a lot of accidents. Okay so she will begin school on Monday. He got up and told Angelica that it was time to go home, then he noticed that she had used her diaper again. He said when we get home I'll change you okay princess. She nodded before she was lifted up into her car seat. Once they got home Angelica had her dirty diaper changed, was powdered and put into a goodnite for the night. Now that Angelica was all clean she said she was tired and went to bed. The next morning she woke up in a wet and poopy diaper that was leaking everywhere. So she sat there and peed some more, while waiting for her daddy to come and change her diaper. Her dad came in a minute later with a fresh diaper and some clothes for her to wear. After she was all cleaned up and was dressed she asked daddy where she was going, and he said Aunt Didi's going to babysit you today while I'm at work. So they got into the car and he dropped Angelica off at the house with her diaper bag, and he left for work. Angelica wanted to go into the living room and watch tv, but Aunt Didi said no you are going to go and play with the rest of the kids outside. So Angelica went outside and started playing, about five minutes later Angelica started to poop and pee in her diaper. Everyone just kept on playing until Aunt Didi came outside and checked everyone's diaper. Tommy needed to be changed out of his poopy diaper. Chuckie pooped and peed in his underwear, so he was put into a diaper. Phil was clean, but Lil needed to have her poopy diaper changed. Then she checked Angelica's diaper, and changed her wet and poopy diaper. Once everyone was cleaned up it was time to go back to playing. After two hours or so Angelica and Chuckie were in need of another change, and everyone knew about it. Tommy told everyone else not to say anything about Angelica, and just treat her like another baby. Secretly Angelica liked being treated like a baby, but she wasn't going to tell anyone about that. Aunt Didi told everyone to come inside, when they all did she took Angelica and Chuckie and changed them both out of their wet and poopy diapers and into a new diaper. Then her dad came and brought her home. Angelica's diaper was still clean when they got home, so she just went to bed in the diaper.
The sixth installment into my story about Angelica Pickles journey back into diapers.
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Couragethehedgehog Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2016  Student Digital Artist
I always hated how Angelica got to wear a diaper through season 1 but she was 3 and then she turns 4. Although the creates kept her at age 3 in other episodes. Besides that Chuckie was forced to get potty trained and not have his bottle. He is 2! Why can't he enjoy being a baby X3 I love Chuckie in diapers.
Gangstaballa1 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2012
that is so cool how chuckie was put into a diaper and it would be cool if u added suzie into the story and made her wear diapers also. great story so far!
fetishdude14 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2011
it would be cool to have suzie and angelica being babies in diapers this is a great story though dude
ToddlerNaruto Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2010
Wow, good chapter, and thanks for putting chuckie into a diaper ^_^.

Why isn't suzie in the story at all though?

Does the storyline/plot take place before they met her?
Crimson00125 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
I haven't found a good spot to put her in yet maybe in part 8 I will add her.
ToddlerNaruto Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2010
Alright, thanks for answering back.
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