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So now Angelica was left to play with her cousin's Tommy, and Dill, while her dad went shopping. A few moments passed when she felt herself starting to wet her underwear again. So now again she ran for the bathroom before losing control of her bladder once again, but this time she also pooped herself. She started to cry, and Aunt Didi came and was about to ask what happened when the smell hit her. Oh sweety its alright, let's go get you into some fresh clothes. Alright Angelica I'm going to put one of Tommy's diapers on you until your dad gets back okay. I don't want to wear diapers, I'm a big girl. Well we can't have a big girl walking around in wet and poopy underwear all day. So for now you're going to wear a diaper. Now why don't you go and play with Tommy while I get your clothes in the wash. So Angelica went downstairs in nothing but a shirt and a diaper, and started to play with some toys. Tommy couldn't believe his eyes, Angelica why are you wearing a diaper, he asked. Because I had an accident, and now I have to wear a diaper. Well its not that bad, at least you only have to wear a diaper for today. The next ten minutes felt like forever, and the fact that she had just wet her diaper didn't help either. Another five minutes went by and now Angelica had pooped in her diaper, she just sat there shocked that she had just pooped and peed in her diaper like a baby. At that exact moment Angelica's dad came in and went into the kitchen to talk to her aunt. Then he went to check on Angelica, he didn't even have to ask the smell gave her away. So he took her to Tommy's room and changed her out of the dirty diaper and into a nice clean pullup. Okay honey for the next few days you will be wearing potty training pants, until we figure out what's wrong. You will also be wearing some bedwetting diapers for the next few nights. When they got home that night Angelica had completely filled her pullup, so she was changed out of her dirty pullup, and into a goodnite for bedtime.
This is the second part to my story about Angelica's journey back into diapers.
Gangstaballa1 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2012
this story is awesome!
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